The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen For Beginning Readers

by DrFaustusAU

Hanna-Barbera Watchmen

by Daniel García-Nieto

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins - His Heavy Heart (Official Trailer)


With the Emperor of ice cream in Northampton…”

Photo shared online by colorist Jose Villarrubia, hanging out with Alan Moore. Posted Sunday, June 15 around 10am GMT. I’ve never met Alan in person, but I just adore both of these guys.

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Alternate (unpublished) cover image for Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz’s ‘Big Numbers' .

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A page from the UKCAC ‘86 Portfolio

by Alan Moore, Dean Motter, Glenn Fabry, David Lloyd, Fox and John Higgins.

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"Not so much pushing the envelope of comicbook storytelling as folding it up to make a nice hat."

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Alan Moore on Channel 4 in 1991

"A short piece on Channel Four’s breakfast show covering the publication of Alan Moore’s A Small Killing."

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