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Tharg’s Future Shocks, 2000AD Prog 217 (1981), artist: Mike McMahon

'It's A Dirty Volgan Ambush!'

Ro-Busters, 2000AD Annual 1983, artist: Bryan Talbot

'Don't Play Hard To Get.'

The Ballard Of Halo Jones Book 2, 2000AD Prog 412 (1985), artist: Ian Gibson

'Women Dressed As Giant Crabs.'

D.R. & Quinch, 2000 AD #366 (1984), artist: Alan Davis

Two Panels Descriptions From Alan Moore’s Script To D.R. & Quinch Go To Hollywood

This was scanned by DR and Quinch artist Alan Davis and more scripts can be found on his website.

'The War Puts Everybody Through Some Changes.'

Rogue Trooper, 2000AD Annual 1983, artist: Brett Ewins

'…You're The One With Implanted Tusks.'

The Ballard Of Halo Jones Book 3, 2000AD Prog #459 (1986), artist: Ian Gibson

'Harry Bentley Was Falling.'

Tharg’s Time Twisters: The Time Machine, 2000AD (1983), artist: Jesús Redondo

'He's Home.'

Skizz, 2000AD Prog 317 (1983), artist: Jim Baikie

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